Welcome to The Boat Galley!

Our cruising guides, references, and courses make:

✔ Learning to live on a boat less overwhelming
✔ Cooking on a boat less stressful
✔ Record-keeping and officialdom less intimidating
✔ Cruising the ICW, Bahamas, & Florida easier

We are a group of six liveaboard cruisers who are driven to make boat life better.

👉When we get frustrated, we innovate!

We radically reinvented the cruising guide and developed boat-friendly reference books and cheat sheets.

👉When we learn, we share!

Get all our tips and tricks through affordable, self-paced online courses.

Discover how we can make your boat life better.

Making Cruising the ICW, Bahamas, & Florida Easier

With our revolutionary cruising guides, immediately know where to go for anything you need.

✔ A protected anchorage

✔ The name of that bridge, when it opens, and how to contact it

✔ Fuel • Propane • Water • Other services

✔ Haulout

We make it easy for you.

See Our Cruising Guides

Making Learning to Live on a Boat Less Overwhelming

Our online courses and quick references will help you with all the everyday stuff that you need to know when you move onto a boat.

✔ Living with a tiny refrigerator

✔ Where and how to store everything

✔ Etiquette at the marina and in the anchorage

✔ Using a VHF radio

. . . and so much more.

We de-mystify it all so you'll feel like an old pro in no time.

Learn to Live on a Boat

Making Cooking on a Boat Less Frustrating

We understand the frustrations of cooking on a boat:

✔ Smaller counters, stove, refrigerator and storage

✔ Longer times between shopping -- and no nearby store if you run out of something

✔ Limited power and water

We've got the resources you need to make it easy.

Learn the Secrets of Cooking on a Boat

Making Record-Keeping and Officialdom Less Intimidating

We've got you covered, whether it's:

✔ Buying a new boat

✔ Documenting your travels

✔ Checking into a marina

✔ Cruising foreign countries

✔ Coast Guard or local law enforcement inspections

Get Help with Officialdom

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