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Waterproof paperback or pdf download

ICW Quick Reference Cruising Guide

ICW Quick Reference Cruising Guide

Norfolk, VA to Miami, FL

Makes travel on the ICW easy

BRAND NEW: September 2023

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Make cruising the ICW easy -- know exactly where to find everything you need.

A traditional cruising guide isn't designed for quick answers!

Instead of reading through pages of text, use our revolutionary new Quick Reference to easily find . . .

  • WHAT is the name of that bridge, WHEN does it open, and HOW do I call it?

  • WHERE is the nearest anchorage with N (E, S, or W) protection

  • WHERE to get fuel, water, or a haul out

  • And more!

Separate mile-by-mile tables for the ICW let you quickly find just what you need:

  • bridge names, heights, opening schedules, and how to contact

  • anchorages including wind/wave protection directions, depth, tide range, current, swell, and availability of places to walk dogs

  • inlets to/from the Atlantic Ocean

  • free docks

  • fuel, propane, water, trash, and pump outs

  • navigation alerts warning of shoaling, fast currents, and other hazards

  • haulout facilities including maximum beam

More Info

Cockpit companion to keep readily at hand to answer questions during the day’s run such as:

  • What's the name of this bridge? When does it open? How do I call it?
  • Where's the nearest place I could anchor?
  • Where could I go outside or come back in?
  • If I want to push on a bit, how far is the next decent anchorage?
  • Where's the next fuel stop?
  • Oops! I need a pumpout! Where?
  • This problem is going to require a haulout. Where's the nearest place that can handle my boat? How do I contact them?
  • Which side of that dredge is it safe to go on?

Information is arranged by topic, then by location. No need to read through pages of text to find just what you need -- simply look in the appropriate column for what you seek and discover where it's available!

Invaluable supplement to cruising guides for use underway.

Includes quick reminders on dredging and horn signals.

Recently Updated

Printed September 2023.

Print Features for Ease of Use

Bright, easy-to-read subject tabs, organized first by topic and then by state and mile marker so you can quickly find the information you need.

Special matte paper reduces glare when used in the sun.

Ultra-durable, waterproof paper resists tearing, crumpling, and discoloration from sunscreen, petroleum products, and other chemicals. Designed to be kept in the cockpit, even with rain or splashes.

Lays flat for easy reference.

Large enough that info can easily be read yet small enough to be conveniently stored. No tiny print!

May be easily wiped clean if dirty.

Designed in the USA. Printed in the USA on American-made recyclable synthetic paper using environmentally-friendly soy-based inks at a facility that is completely wind-powered. Minimal packaging.

80 pages.

PDF Features for Ease of Use

No need for a mailing address -- download immediately upon payment.

May download on more than one device used on a single boat (that is, can have on two tablets, or tablet and phone, IF used on the same boat). May not "give" copies to people on other boats.

Clickable links for all phone numbers and marina/boatyard websites.

The index makes it easy to jump from one section to another. Click on the three dots at the top right, then Bookmarks and Table of Contents. Choose Table of Contents on the next screen and click on the section desired.

On a laptop or desktop, the process is similar although the symbols may be different.

The tabs at the top or bottom of each page are also clickable to jump to another section.

Available to download immediately from your purchase confirmation. Read on any electronic device with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Designed in the US.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
david l.
No map reference?

How can you sell a mile marker based directory with no map legend! If you don’t know the names of the areas or marinas to find on a chart, you have no frame of reference.

Virtaully all charts (electronic and print) have mile marker designations on them. That's going to be far more accurate than any map legend we could include.

The other easy way to determine where you are is simply to note the last bridge you passed and see what mile marker it was at.

Marc S.
Missing Eateries

One of the reasons I bought these were to have access to places to dock and have lunch and dinner while cruising. No such information. ☹️☹️

Keith N.
61 years on ICW

61 years living on ICW and I still don’t know what mile marker I am on mostly because, and I am not sure with this thought ether, the method of location has changed 2-3 times. Marker number at one point was the mile marker. Obviously not now.
Long winded way of saying the Guide is a nice reference if linked to a foldout mile marker map that I’ll insert in the first page so if all electronic nav is off due to light, headlamp lumination only at night, or the mirid of other reasons ( mostly non boaters not knowing how to quickly find their location ) then the map might make a good reference as well.

Sorry that you are having problems finding where you are. Many nav apps, such as Aqua Map, show your mile marker as do most paper charts.