Collection: Quick Reference Guides

Our Cockpit Quick Reference Guides are exactly that: quick references for you to keep right at hand as you cruise. They're not a replacement for cruising guides and charts, but a supplement for times when you just want a quick answer:

  • Where's the nearest place I can anchor?
  • What's the name of this bridge? How high is it? When does it open? How do I contact it?
  • How close is an anchorage with protection from W (or N, E, or S) winds?
  • Where's the next fuel stop? Can I get water there as well?
  • Oops! I need a pumpout. Where? (We even include price, where known)
  • This problem is going to require a haulout. Where's the nearest place that can handle my boat? (We include maximum beam)
  • What side of that dredge is safe to go on?

Our Quick Reference Guides answer those questions and more. They're arranged by topic, then geographically in order.

Printed on ultra-durable waterproof paper, suitable for keeping in the cockpit.

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