Cruising Guides, Reinvented

"Wicked Awesome!" - David L.
"Every guide that I have purchased from The Boat Galley is an invaluable reference! Saves hours of research every year." - Randall H.

Our cruising guides are different from others you've seen. Instead of telling you everything that's in a particular town (like most cruising guides do), we arrange the information by what you're looking for: fuel, water, laundry, an anchorage, bridge info, a grocery, and more. 

This gives you quick answers to all your "where" questions, such as where the nearest fuel stop is, where the nearest anchorage with N protection is (and a place to walk the dog!), where there's a boat yard that can haul a 23' beam, and so much more.

Just go to the right section, find the column for what you want, and look in the area near you for an X. Bingo -- that's where to go!

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  • A Perfect Anchorage

    Go down the columns to find the features you want.

  • Stores & Services

    Know the best and nearest place to head for everything you need.

  • Bridge Info

    Location, name, height, tide, schedule, and how to call.

  • Haulouts

    Location, restrictions including max. beam, and how to contact.

. . . and more!

All available in spiral bound print (on waterproof paper!) or as a downloadable PDF

Collection: Cruising Guides

Our Cockpit Quick Reference Guides arose because of our own frustration with existing cruising guides.

At various times in 2020 and 2021, five members of The Boat Galley team cruised the ICW on our respective boats. As we talked about our experiences, we all said the one thing we wished for was a little booklet with just the information needed underway. We were sick and tired of poring over pages of text every night, making lists of bridges, potential fuel and water stops, and so on.

Cruising guides, we agreed, were great for planning and telling you all about a particular area, but not so good for just answering quick questions such as "where's the nearest anchorage?" or "where's the next bridge and what channel do I call it on?"

We envisioned something different, designed from the beginning to be used in the cockpit, while underway. We created our wish list of information, ease-of-use features, and durability based on our own experiences when cruising. Authored by Larry Webber and designed by Julie Tijerina, the Cockpit Quick References tick all the boxes.

  • Where's the nearest place I can anchor?
  • What's the name of this bridge? How high is it? When does it open? How do I contact it?
  • How close is an anchorage with protection from W (or N, E, or S) winds?
  • Where's the next fuel stop? Can I get water there as well?
  • Oops! I need a pumpout. Where? (We even include price, where known)
  • This problem is going to require a haulout. Where's the nearest place that can handle my boat? (We include maximum beam)
  • What side of that dredge is safe to go on?

Our Quick Reference Guides answer those questions and more. They're arranged by topic, then geographically in order.

The first printing of the ICW Guide sold out in less than 9 months, with a 4.8/5 rating on Amazon. We knew we had a hit and added similar guides for the Bahamas (where 5 team members have cruised extensively), the Florida Keys and Okeechobee (aka "Florida Loop" and the home base for 2 team members) the Florida Gulf Coast, and most recently the Chesapeake Bay (western shore), modifying the basic format by what was important in each area.

As active cruisers, we made sure information was easy to find and clear. We don't just create these guides -- we use them! And with each new volume, we make little tweaks to keep improving the guides.

We opted for ultra-durable waterproof paper, suitable for keeping in the cockpit. And, because we know that sometimes you need a guide right now or don't have a shipping address, we also offer a downloadable PDF of each one.