About Us

The Boat Galley products and courses are created by (L-to-R) Carolyn Shearlock, John Herlig, Julie Tijerina, and Larry Webber. We’re real liveaboard boaters with years of experience on the water.

The Boat Galley product creators

The Boat Galley was founded in 2010 by Carolyn Shearlock with a website featuring "cooking on a boat" tips. Boy, has it grown since then! There's the original website (now with over 1,000 articles about all aspects of living on a boat and cruising), a podcast, our courses, our cruising guides, and our reference books.

Now there are six of us -- five who live on our boats full-time, plus Pam who previously lived aboard and cruised. Three of us -- Carolyn, John, and Nica -- all teach at Cruisers University, part of the Annapolis Boat Shows. We truly get the lifestyle and are happy to answer your questions.

We first created our products for our own use because we had a particular problem and couldn’t find a solution on the market. We love adding little touches that make our products easy to use and durable.

Items are designed and almost all are made in the USA. We seek out small, women- and minority-owned companies, and environmentally-friendly processes for our manufacturing.

Thank you for considering our products. We're sure you'll be happy with them -- but if not, we offer a FREE, no-hassle 30-day return policy.