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Storing Food Without Refrigeration

Storing Food Without Refrigeration

Have fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, cheese, sour cream and everything else you want for great meals -- even without a refrigerator

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At The Boat Galley, we have only one mission: to make boat life better.

Everyone on The Boat Galley team is a liveaboard cruiser and we understand the challenges that come with life on a boat. When our team encounters frustration, we come up with practical and innovative solutions.

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Storing Food Without Refrigeration is designed to end the frustration of traveling without a refrigerator and give you the in-depth information you need to create your favorite meals from real ingredients:

  • Exactly how to store fresh food without refrigeration
  • What produce can last a month or more, and what needs to be eaten within days PLUS a handy chart of shortest-to-longest-lasting produce so you can easily know what to eat first
  • Great alternative products that don’t require refrigeration (not dehydrated meals-in-a-bag)
  • What foods don’t need to be refrigerated
  • Easy ways to help foods last longer without spoiling
  • How to make sour cream, yogurt and ricotta cheese without refrigerated ingredients
  • Simple techniques for cooking with canned meats to preserve the flavor and texture – no more unidentifiable blobs
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a cooler available, how to set it up so food doesn’t get waterlogged
  • Recipes
What's Inside

Fifteen chapters cover virtually every food that you might think impossible to have without refrigeration:

  • Meat and seafood
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Herbs and spices
  • Milk, cream and sour cream
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Butter and margarine
  • Cheese
  • Condiments

Shopping, meal planning, and related questions are also answered:

  • What should I buy at the grocery store? Farmer’s market?
  • Are there things I should get online?
  • What foods are good to take fresh and what’s best canned?
  • Can I take any frozen food? What other options are there?
  • Are dehydrated and powdered foods ever worthwhile?
  • How long will various food last without refrigeration?
  • If I want to take a cooler, what type is best?

You’ll get over 60 main dish ideas and even a four-day sample meal plan to help you see what’s possible. No unrealistic gourmet meals, but great-tasting everyday dishes.

Print Copy

160 pages. Designed and printed in the USA. Minimal packaging.


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The Author

Carolyn Shearlock is the founder of The Boat Galley and an instructor at Cruisers University at the Annapolis Boat Shows. In addition to her articles and podcasts for The Boat Galley, she frequently writes for various boating and cruising magazines. She is the author of The Boat Galley Cookbook.

The food storage methods in Storing Food Without Refrigeration aren’t something Carolyn has tried for only a few days or tested in an air-conditioned home kitchen. 

She's refined her techniques over a lifetime of adventures: tent camping for four months without even a cooler (twice!), week-long canoe trips, nine weeks camping in Africa, ten weeks across the western U.S. (had a cooler on that trip!) and close to a hundred shorter trips.

For fourteen years, Carolyn has lived on a sailboat with such a tiny refrigerator that she still had to store most of her family's food outside it.

In short, Carolyn knows what actually works – and all the little tips that make the difference between success and failure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Sasha s.
Storing Food Without Refrigeration

The information was good. however, I had done a ton of research before reading this book, and was hoping to get some hidden gems, that I didn't already know about. This is a great starter if you plan to live off grid.

Edwin C.W.
Good book for landlubbers also

Landlubber wannabe boaters like me are learning that all this electronic stuff in our lives won't do us much good if the electricity stops or a few electrons start cheating in all those computerized controls around us. I tend to throw away a lot of lettuce so following your tips about cabbage I bought some cold slaw at the market yesterday and will see what a BCT (bacon, lettuce and cabbage) sandwich tastes like. BTW, camp toast (bread buttered both sides and browned in the griddle) should make it a "killer" sandwich. Ha,Ha.
Ed Weldon


Informative,well written and clearly knowledge that needs to be know if the power were to go out for more than a couple days.