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Handy VHF Reference

Handy VHF Reference

Quick Guide for All Boaters

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One durable, easy-to-use guide to keep at your VHF radio. Contains everything you need to make a proper radio or distress call.


  • Includes Spelling Alphabet, Channel Usage, Emergency Calls, Safety Calls, Hi/Low Power Choice, Best Practices for Clear Communication, Radio Checks, Weather Radio, and Squelch
  • Easy to use at the radio: Find answers to most-often-asked questions without needing to open the guide; bright colors make it easy to locate; type sized for effortless reading
  • Convenient Size: Small enough to hold in one hand while holding the mic in the other; large enough to easily find and read; folds flat for easy storage near the radio
  • Quickly find needed info: Bright and clear headings make it a snap to find the desired section while on the radio
  • Long-lasting: Ultra-tough waterproof material resists tearing and crumpling; no-glare coating resists discoloration from sunscreen, petroleum products and other chemicals; may be wiped clean when dirty

🎁Great gift for boaters.


Your VHF radio is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on your boat. But it can be hard to remember everything you need to know for effective and clear communication.

The Boat Galley Handy VHF Radio Reference is designed to be kept at the radio and referred to when making radio calls.

The sections of the radio guide quickly answer all your questions:

  • How do I get help in an emergency?
  • What channel should I use?
  • How do I phonetically spell a word?
  • How do I check if my radio is working correctly?
  • How do I tell other boaters about a danger to navigation?
  • When should I use high or low power?
  • What weather radio channel covers my area?
  • What's squelch and how do I use it?

In an emergency, the information in the Handy VHF Radio Reference will allow even an inexperienced radio user to operate the VHF.

Designed for Use at the Radio

Special matte paper, reducing glare when used in the sun.

Ultra-durable, waterproof paper resists tearing, crumpling, and discoloration from sunscreen, petroleum products and other chemicals. 

Folds in thirds, making it easy to tuck next to the radio.

No tiny print.

May be easily wiped clean if dirty.

Made in USA

Designed in the USA; printed in the USA on American-made recyclable synthetic paper using environmentally-friendly soy-based inks at a facility that is completely wind-powered. Minimal packaging.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard B.

Handy VHF Reference

J. W.

Bought 2 of these for friends as gifts, and they've both reported back that they LOVE this handy guide. Lies flat (so helpful) and has all the critical information they need right at their fingertips.

Robert A.

The information is easy to understand, it’s organized and well laid out. The stock it’s printed on is not sturdy enough for long term service but keeping it below deck should substantially increase it’s usefulness