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Bahamas Cockpit Quick Reference Cruising Guide

Bahamas Cockpit Quick Reference Cruising Guide

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Separate island-by-island tables for the Bahamas, with:

  • anchorages (including wind/wave protection directions)

  • marinas and moorings

  • services (customs & immigration, fuel, propane, water, trash, grocery hardware/marine stores, liquor, restaurants/bars, ATM, laundry)

  • cuts and¬†navigation alert

  • storm holes

  • haulout facilities¬†(including maximum beam)

Special Features

  • Anchoring protection directions - easy to find just looking down the column
  • Suitability for dog walking

Easily find the services you need -- just go down the column until you find an X!

More Info

Cockpit companion to keep readily at hand to answer questions during the day’s run such as:

  • Where's the nearest place I could anchor?
  • Is there anywhere around here with W protection?
  • Where¬†can I get fuel near here?
  • Need to get some provisions -- where's a grocery?
  • This problem is going to require a haulout. Where's the nearest place that can handle my boat? How do I contact them?
  • There's a norther coming -- where should I anchor as the wind clocks?

Invaluable supplement to traditional cruising guides.

Designed for Ease of Use and Durability

Organized by topics with bright printed tabs, then by island group/island/town or anchorage to quickly find the information you need.

Special matte paper, reducing glare when used in the sun.

Ultra-durable, waterproof paper resists tearing, crumpling, and discoloration from sunscreen, petroleum products and other chemicals. Designed to be kept in the cockpit, even with rain or splashes.

Dry erase marker will wipe off the special paper -- mark it up all you want, then erase it for a future trip.

No tiny print.

Lays flat for easy reference.

8.5‚ÄĚ x 5.5‚ÄĚ size is large enough that info can easily be read yet small enough to be conveniently stored.

May be easily wiped clean if dirty.

Made in USA

Designed in the USA; printed in the USA on American-made recyclable synthetic paper using environmentally-friendly soy-based inks at a facility that is completely wind-powered. Minimal packaging.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa O.

Bahamas Cockpit Quick Reference Cruising Guide

Bahamas reference

Was surprised there are no maps showing locations - not everyone knows the names of places nor area they always noted on navigation charts or software

Our Bahamas Guide is a quick reference with easily scanned tables of info. Once you find a location that has what you need, you can then refer to your charts or detailed cruising guide for more info and maps.

Ours is a different type of guide, specifically designed to let you look information up quickly and easily.